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Website/Business Writing

When you want to get your website and/or business up and running, but are not sure how to do that on the various pages of your website, I have you covered. From social marketing to webpage descriptions, flyers and marketing plans, marketing writing needs to convey a specific message and a voice that is in line with your business. I have written various marketing pieces to create an interesting and compelling message across multiple platforms for my own business and other businesses.

Blog Writing

If your business needs to run a blog, but you just don't have time to write one, let me help. I have a passion for writing and I can keep you "in front of mind" with clients with helpful advice, important information or just hot topics. You guide me to where you want to go and I will make you look good.


Traditional Marketing 

Email, snail mail and direct marketing with flyers and brochures are still important tools for reaching new clients and continuing relationships with current clients. There are large pools of untapped clients who do not chose to use any form of social media. According to Pew Research, Social Media Update 2016, November 11, 2016, 86% of Americans use the internet. That leaves 14% who do not. That is a large piece of the American pie. There are many other factors that are important in understanding your target audience and the ability to reach that audience. I have the background and understanding to reach your target audience with concise writing that conveys your message.

Dating in the Digital Age

As mentioned in my Coaching section of the services I offer, I can write your dating profile, based on your voice and your preferences. Digital dating is the best way to date today, but it is not always comfortable or easy. I can help with coaching and assisting you by writing your profile, picking your best pictures, showing off your strengths and creating a compelling way to tell your story. Don't leave it to chance. Take control of your love life and show your truest and best self.