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We all feel lost in the dark at moments. You have the light you need inside of you to show you your way again.. Let me help you uncover it.

We all feel lost in the dark at moments. You have the light you need inside of you to show you your way again.. Let me help you uncover it.

Life Coaching

with Marcy Garcea

I am a certified Co-Active Coach, which allows me to assist people in figuring out what holds them back in their lives and how to move forward. The difference between coaching and psychology can vary from practitioner to practitioner, however, most psychological studies involve the identification of a category of psychological need and then a specific idea on how to work around that issue. I believe that we do not have to "work around" our issues. We are able to actually free ourselves of things that run our lives instead of our dreams. Do you want to live the life you are meant to live? Do you want to rid yourself of untrue ideas that were handed to you by family and friends or even your own self about not sign good enough, smart enough, good looking enough? Co-Active Coaching comes from the powerful perspective that we are all Creative, Resourceful and Whole. You are not broken, you have just lost who you really are along the way. Coaching can help you uncover your own greatness.

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Reiki Healing

with Marcy Garcea

Reiki is a divine energy that comes through individuals who have been "attuned" to the vibration. Attunement is a simple process that typically accompanies classes in use and history of the energy. Reiki has existed as long as humans, and had available to everyone. However, as with must human histories, we abused Reiki and it was taken away from our daily use. More recently it had been reintroduced through Dr. Mikao Usui, who had studied as a monk in the late 1800's and discovered this healing practice during a 21 day meditation. Usui is still a type of Reiki taught and Dr. Usui is credited with the rediscovery of modern Healing Touch and Reiki. Since being brought to the US prior to WWII, it has gained popularity and recognition each year. It can now be found in use at hospitals, dental and doctor offices, as well as mixed in with various types of therapies. 

I have been attuned to use Reiki in person and also in distance healing. I use Reiki during my Coaching to assist is releasing physical and emotional blockages in the body.



Akashic Records

With Marcy Garcea

Akashic Records are the universal library of everything that ever was, will be or is. Like Reiki, access is granted, but rather than through an attainment, you gain access through a prayer. Every person, place, thing, idea, or not yet an idea has a record, a story. And gaining access to the Akashic Records allows you to delve into your souls journey in ways that are difficult to understand here as a human. It is a sacred space that allows for great transformation, healing and love. Please contact me through our email at to request more information or an appointment.  




Dating in the Digital Age

With Marcy Garcea

"You are so lucky to be single! I would give anything to be out there again!" says the married friend to the singleton. Those of us who are single, whether by choice or not, know it is not like a fabulous movie with beautiful people falling all over you and your biggest worry is who you pick. It can feel like an overwhelming burden to try and date with everything else we have going on. Let me ease your burden. 

Whether you are freshly single through divorce, or other life circumstances,or you just are not having much luck, I have you covered. I write digital profiles, proof pictures and, if you are local, take pictures of you or coach you on what type of pictures to take. Then we work on the emotional issues that come with dating and putting yourself out there to possibly be rejected.

This process involves coaching, to clear emotional issues, creating a profile to capture who you really are and gain the interest of people who actually want to meet you. Isn't it time to get yourself some love? 

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What is keeping you from starting to live you life the way you want to? Time to stop making excuses and start living! Let's talk about this today!