Love Vibes Only

Hi Bestie!

Today marks a new chapter in America, and the end of another. I actually LOVE new beginnings and change. A clean slate, a fresh start, something shiny and new. But, today feels very scary and dark for me and a lot of others, while others feel joy and excitement. All I know is there seems to be a lot of negativity out there from everyone and I think the only way to shield myself from it is to spread some love.

So, today I am declaring LOVE VIBES ONLY!!!

I am not saying people can't speak their minds or engage in disagreement, but let's try to remember to do it with love. 

Ok? Ok. This is short and sweet to get the love going.




Hi Bestie:

I am feeling your "feels" and feeling them too. Today is the day that commemorates a large rift we have created in our political world in the US. No matter what had happened in our election, I think today would be hard for many people. 

I believe that we can still love one another and have very different views. I hope we can start to put out more love to one another, and move on from the large rift.

No matter what any one believes or fights to change, we can all still be together and be kind and loving to one another. Political views and love are not intertwined. They are separate things that are both very tied up in emotion, yet not needing the other to survive or even exist. 

I hope we can all open our eyes and hearts and listen to both sides. Only then will we be able to work together. No one is wrong or right. We are all doing the best we can. We all get to fight for what we believe in and stand up for ourselves and anyone we wish to protect.

I truly believe that. After all, this is a great country and we are the ones who make it great. We must keep making it great with love, acceptance and tolerance. 

Thank you for putting out this post. We all need more LOVE!!!

I have also been caught up in some of the hype. I have been trying to not put out anything that is overly slanted, yet, it doesn't always appear to work. I just want to love the people I love and be with them, happily.

Doubling down on your LOVE post and helping put it out there.

So glad you are my bestie! I LOVE YOU!!! TONS!




PS. Uber cool artwork, even if you just quickly graphically designed it.





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