Today's a good day to make bad decisions!

Hi Bestie

OMG! I am so tired of trying and trying and getting no where, very, very slowly. Let's make a bad decision together. I think you need one too.

Ever have one of those days when NOTHING is going your way? Or months? Maybe even year(s)? Yes, me too. I have had years where I seem to be unable to move forward in any way. Trapped in a rut created by somone else, but well-maintained by myself (did I write that? Oops). When I was 39 and the next day I was turning 40, I had my three children in my car and too many activities to tackle in one evening. I try to limit my children's intake of fast food, but there are days when it is just all we have time for between practices or school events. Life can get so hectic.

On this day, my last day in my 30s, I was at my wit's end for trying to figure out where we could pick up something to eat, as my cupboards were bare, we had two practices to go and I had three hungry kids. One wanted Taco Bell, another wanted Burger King and the third wanted McDonald's. I was trying to fight the three way split, and create a compromise for all, but it just wasn't working. I was tired and hungry and more tired thinking about what I still needed to accomplish.

While in the drive through line at a very slow Taco Bell I declared the following:

"Today is a good day to make bad decisions!"

My kids were very enthusiastic about that declaration. One said, "YES! Let's pee outside!" Another decided "let's run around naked downtown!" My oldest quipped "Let's jump off of a building!"

 I then remembered I was dealing with children without a functioning frontal lobe. Oops. I restated myself quickly.

"Well, we can go to the fast food drive thru we each pick, that is bad decision number one. After that, we can make a few more, but there can be no involvement of the police or any hospitals! And since public urination and nudity are illegal, those are not happening! Jumping off of a building would involve the hospital. Sorry guys let's try to stick to bad food choices".

But we all need a day to get out of our heads and make a decision to do something we may not normally do. Jump out of your comfort zone. Do something risky (you should also avoid hospitals and police, unless you are a healthcare worker or police officer). Spice up your life. Maybe we should all do a little something everyday (but try to NOT do the same things because then it is just a bad habit or addiction). Take a moment to let the reason to NOT do something float away and only look at the reasons to do it (again, not illegal or physically dangerous or stupid).

Here are a few suggestions:

Call a friend you are fighting with and eat crow.

Buy a piece of artwork that is too expensive.

Buy that new car you want (you need to be able to afford it, I can't make your payments).

Plan a vacation you have wanted to take, but didn't want to spend the money on.

Take the day off from work (shhhh..don't let your boss know you are not sick).

Ask out that person you are totally crushing on (not recommended for married people, but I hold you responsible for your own actions).

Kiss that person you are crushing on (see parenthetical warning above).

Bungee off of a building (legally).

Tell someone off that you have been dying to tell off, then call and fix it two hours later (if appropriate).

See? There are so many decisions we can make that "feel bad" but can create positive experiences for us, or can get us in just the right amount of trouble to make it exciting. If you go out and do something stupid, illegal or reckless, I am not responsible, that is not at all what I am advocatiing. That is all on you.  HOWEVER - we all need to break out of our rules once in a while and just do something that give us momentary sparks of joy, that may lead to more, or maybe just a good story later. Go make a bad decision! You may love it!