You glow, girl

You glow, girl

Dear Marcy,

Flicka flicka flicka
Here you are
Cata cata cata
Caterpillar girl
Flowing in
And filling up my hopeless heart
Oh never never go
Dust my lemon lies
With powder pink and sweet
The day I stop
Is the day you change
And fly away from me

You flicker
And you're beautiful
You glow inside my head
You hold me hynotized
I'm mesmerized
Your flames
The flames that kiss me dead

Written by Laurence Andrew Tolhurst, Robert James Smith • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group

This song holds a special place in our hearts - it has been "our song" since we were what, 15?. But, when I read the lyrics recently, I realized I never really thought too much about what it means. I wish I did back then because maybe I would have realized much earlier in life how to love myself and shine my light with confidence. 

What it is saying to me now, and what I want to tell you, is that you are so beautiful, shiny, and amazingly talented and special. You don't even realize how shimmery and glowy you are. Deep down, I don't want you to because when you do, you will fly away from me.

I do really want you to know it though - your light shines so bright it mesmerizes and hypnotizes. The truth is - the brighter your light shines, it reflects on me and everyone else and the brighter we all become.

So, please, feel free to glow as bright as you need to.

You glow, girl.

Your light will make everyone shine brighter and then we will all glow together!

Happy Birthday, my beautiful glowy friend!

I love you. xo