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Release your sadness

Marcy Garcea1 Comment
Release your sadness

Hi Kat:

I know you have been feeling sad lately due to external circumstances in your life. As you know, I am a Co-Active Coach and Reiki Master and I have a way to help you release sadness quickly so you can continue to move through your day.

First sit quietly and close your eyes.

Quiet your body by breathing in to the count of 5, out to the count of 7.

Do this at least 3 times and continue until you feel settled and calm.

Use your mind to scan your body and "feel" where you are carrying the sadness of the situation. It could be your stomach, it could be your back, it could be your ankle or it could be none or all of those. Check in with your WHOLE body.

Once you identify the place of dis-ease, focus on it and really feel how that spot is doing.  Is it churning? Is it being crushed? It is constricted? It is overflowing with sadness?

Now, picture the person who in is the cause of your sadness (i.e. the reason you are sad and the person associated with the sadness) in front of you in a white room.

Tell that person how you feel about the situation. Explain it in depth. If it is making you feel sick, say that. If it is making you feel over burdened, or exhausted, or whatever is there, state all of it. Also state what you wish for them to move forward. Whether they need healing, or to forgive themselves, give some grace to other people, whatever the case may be, tell them how you want things to be for them with love.

If you were sad because of a situation that is not yours, tell that person you love them, but you can't carry this for them. You will be with them, but it is their journey and you can't carry it anymore.

If it is your situation, tell them that you love them and forgive them for any sadness between you, but you can't carry it any longer.

Pull it out of whatever area(s) it lives in and give it back to them, or set it between you and fill it with white light so it is gone.

Breathe into the spot where it was living on your body and fill that spot with white light.

Allow yourself to calmly feel the replacement of sadness with fulfillment.

Sometimes it is lodged inside of you a bit more that is possible to get rid of alone. Or there are multiple layers. Call me for a Coaching/Healing session if that is your case. You can let go of the sadness.

Nice work, Bestie! Love, love, love you!

Love, Marcy