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Give Your Heart Some Extra Love

Marcy GarceaComment
Give Your Heart Some Extra Love

A Quick Self Love Meditation 

To my best Bestie:

Get as comfortable as you can, sitting, standing, whatever works right now.

Close your eyes.

Breathe in slowly to the count of 6, and out slowly to the count of 9.

Do this five times or more until you feel peaceful.

Imagine being outside yourself with a permanent marker, facing yourself with closed eyes, wearing a fitted bodysuit, or nothing at all.

Write the word LOVE over where your actual organ heart lives.

Watch the ink seep into your skin and get pulled into your heart.

Continue this all over your body.

Love each part of your body and let that part of your body soak that love in.

Breathe deeply and slowly as your body pulls that love into itself.

Feel the love you have permanently placed into your human body for yourself.

Repeat as needed.

Sent to you with lots of Love, Bestie! 

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