New Year Intentions

Hi Marcy!

Thanks for sharing your New Year's resolutions! I have some too, and hopefully they are not all the same superficial ones I have been saying for years. Actually, they are, lol!  But, I think what I will do is list them out and try to go a little deeper and see what is behind them. Aren't you feeling proud now? I do have a hard time seeing deeper - or i have a hard time going under the surface even though I CAN. I am usually resistant. ;-D But you know this about me.

1. Eat happy, eat less, move more! RENAMED: LOVE MYSELF - Let the fat protection go.

This is the same get healthy, lose weight resolution most people start at the beginning of the year. I do honestly need to lose weight, about 30 pounds or so that I have put on since I turned 40. YIKES! The problem is that I have let myself go. I am not caring for myself like I should, I am just skating by, being lazy, not doing what I should be. I know, I am judging myself way too harshly, as usual. I am honestly trying to find a reason to let this weight go. You say I hold on to the weight as protection, so what am I protecting myself from? I need to figure it out but for now, I am going to try to LOVE MY BODY. I do have positive feelings about it, even though I know I am overweight and none of my clothes fit, I know I could look worse. I think I am living my life not fully yet - I am thinking I am stuck and unhappy and need a change. I do need a change, a change of perspective! I am going to let myself be happy and not let other's unhappiness affect my own. Am I getting closer? You can help me with this one, maybe you could leave a comment on this post? :-D Thanks, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

2. Be more organized

I am a slob. I like to buy things. I like to decorate with lots of beautiful tchotchkes (That is a fun word, but hard to spell). I am lazy and unorganized. Ok, stop it, girl! This is supposed to be uplifting! If we didn't feel so shitty about ourselves, then we wouldn't need this uplifting art blog! Ok, so this one is interesting. This is a combination of: 1. checking out (living in denial, not looking at the things I need to look at to get things done and be better). 2. Using things to make myself happy and having too many things. 3. Not finding the true reason to be happy. GROAN. Are all the answers about finding out how to be happy about not needing things or not having a perfect body? I am not getting to the bottom of it for real, am I? Or am I? I just need to savor every moment, every person, and draw happiness from that and not the next new shiny object. I want to bring things into my life with intention, and let things go with intention. I LOVED Marie Kendo's book, "The life-changing magic of tidying up". I am currently reorganizing closets and purging stuff and it does make me feel lighter. I read this book like a year ago and still haven't actually let much of anything go though. I am working on it. I am a work in progress and that is ok! I have more work to do, but want to pay attention to every moment and not slide by on the surface anymore.

3. Make more money!!! Be successful!!! RENAMED: I INTEND TO SHARE MYSELF WITH THE WORLD.

Ha ha, I know, this one is really bad. Right? I just want to be comfortable and keep up with the Joneses. I like pretty things!!!! But what I really think I want is to be successful and appreciated for me and my gifts. I want us to own our own business and be famous artists and entrepreneurs with this little blog we've started. Really though, I just want to make beautiful things and share them with people. I feel like I haven't quite gotten under the surface on that one either. I want to be seen. I want to make a living doing what I love. I want to design and create and invent the future. I want people to just love me and what I create. I want to feel appreciated for what I bring. I want to make my mark, I want to carve out my slice of heaven and enjoy it. I am probably already there, but it just never feels like it. There is always another rung on the ladder, a new goal to attain. I read from someone else who writes inspiring blog and podcast, Jess Lively, that having goals to attain just sets ourselves up for failure. We should set intentions instead. Set an intention to do something and do your best. There is no judgement in failure, look at what you have learned. I intend to keep creating, designing and putting myself out there. I intend to be happy for me, not based on how others see me or how they are feeling. I intend to share my gifts with the world, but not be happy based on how others receive them.

Happy New Year, Bestie!! I can't wait to see what 2017 holds for us!! This is the year of Katrina and Marcy, and Heart Candy Studio!! We are gonna rock it out!

Love, Katrina

About the Artwork

This is a small painting I did entitled "Fountain of Youth". It evokes fresh feelings of hope and youth, with the deep flowing waters of wisdom and age beneath.