I Forgot to Dream

Hi Kat:

Remember how easy it was to dream about our future when we were young? I could sit for hours, dreaming about what life would be like when I had more freedom and ability. 

I thought I just need to wait it out and THEN I could make my dreams come true. Wait until I was old enough, had enough money, had emotional support, got through school, after I was married, after I had children, after I was divorced or whatever else I decided was "in my way". My dreams and dreaming has been put off for a long time to attend to "more important items". I lost my ability to dream along the way. I did not even know I needed to dream.

So many of us think we have to WAIT to start our lives, live our dreams, or our lives will start AFTER something else has occurred. Dr. Seuss exemplified the waiting we often do in our lives in his book Oh, The Places You Will Go! ©1990 by Dr. Suess Enterprises, LP

  The Waiting Place....

...for people just waiting.

Waiting for a train to go

or a bus to come, or a plane to go

or the mail to come, or the rain to go

or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow

or waiting around for a Yes or No

or waiting for their hair to grow.

Everyone is just waiting.


Who decides the importance of events in my life? Me, of course. Or you in your life. I am pushed by other people, sure, but, ultimately, I allow them to make me feel pressure to get things done that just keep me busy and do not allow me to make my dreams come true. This fills my days with job hunting, laundry, classroom helping, homework, meals, illness, trying to squeeze my own stuff in when I am not pressed with other things.

There are many important things as a Mom, friend, significant other on my never ending lists, but some items I make more important than things that make me happy. My things that allow me to feel alive. My dreams.

There are always reasons to NOT do something. The truly good reasons, often hide in the reason to DO something. Going for a run? No time, tired, hungry..all excuses and viable ones at times. But the real reason to go for that run? Because it is good for you, mentally, spiritually, physically and emtionally. How do our dreams become secodnary or even tertiary in our own minds? Is our own happiness not as important as teaching our children to be happy? Our family members? How can we teach anyone else to be truly happy if we put off our own?

We can't.

This post today was inspired by a rock I keep at my kitchen sink. It just says "Dream". It was from a fish tank full of fish who all committed fish-i-side (yes, I made that up, suiside for fish..they jumped out of a really nice tank and I came home to dried up fish on my carpet each time- thank goodness no kids were with me). Those fish did more with the short life they had by making that choice to jump and try to escape, or whatever was going through their tiny fish brain, than I have done for myself in a long time.

You brought this website idea to me and that has sparked my dreams again. Thank you for bringing back my ability to dream, Kat. I will never forget that day in the Italian restaurant at Oak Brook Mall when I turned to you and said,"we have to work together!' You agreed and called me with the idea for this website a couple of weeks later.

Dreaming is the first step toward making your dreams come true. Speak your dreams. Write them down. Look at them. Nuture them. Share them with me. That means you too, Kat. Dreams are just aspirations waiting to take shape. Shape them and let them fly, walk, run or roll.

TAKE BACK YOUR DREAMS! They are all yours and you have to make them come true.

I am so grateful you are my friend and you reawakened my sleeping dreamer!

And for you, a short poem to express my love and gratitude.


Sweet Dreamer

I see you,

with your wide beautiful eyes

scanning the horizon

seeking the ribbon of your dreams

running to grab it


Fingers stretched out

Toward the shiny sleekness

just in front of you

skittering along the ground

and it moves you forward more 

just as you reach for it


You giggle as you play this game

knowing that you will

grab that ribbon

and make it all yours

as it has always been

and always will be


As you finally grasp

at that glorious ribbon

It forcefully tugs you 

pulls you 

into your new lesson

your bigger life

Toward your bliss


As it propels you

with each set forward 

curving itself around your body

it weaves itself into your heart

so you can't stop

until you have made your dreams come true


Keep reaching for that ribbon

Keep moving forward 

Keep dreaming

Sweet Dreamer

Allow all of your dream to come true...


I love you, Katrina. So glad I get to make dreams come true with you.